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Cloud Solution

Cloud computing is characterized as figuring dependent on the web, which permits individuals to get to different information and applications through the web. Cloud computing comprises a huge pool of frameworks that are associated in private or public organizations that cooperate to give a dynamic foundation to capacity. Cloud computing is a major move from the customer perspective and is as a rule quickly embraced by organizations, everything is being equal, ventures, and associations all around the globe. Cloud provider benchmarking, cloud migration readiness, change management, and more – all these issues can be effectively addressed by our Cloud Solution & Solution Practice to ensure a seamless and on-time migration and high-quality post-implementation support.

  • Cloud Advisory & Assessment Solution (Cloud & Hybrid Models, Workload Migration – Planning Design, Change Management, Workload Assessment& Data Collection)
  • Cloud Migration & Implementation (Data, Hybrid Configurations, Application, On premise to cloud)
  • Cloud Solutions (SAAS, Backup as a Service, IAAS, DR as a Service)